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Wealthy families

The Peugeot 5008 has become one of the minivan market benchmark. The brand became an industry plagued with many good options, but chose to be different, launching the brand on the one hand the 3008, with a style between SUV and minivan and aimed at a younger audience, and secondly the 5008, dedicated decisively to families.

This has a body últtmo wider, longer and rushes of seven seats total comfort and a bit of luggage space, filling the gaps of some models on the market settled.
In contrast, there have been technical qualities its only argument, but the brand has been successful with the line, with a very modern front leading to a square body proportions, but well disguised with different traits that make a car before we visually "light" despite a plant almost 4.6 meters long.

Really like the details like the chrome on the front or the pilots with strips of red, clear future and we look out of court in a sports model.

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Entretenimento Peugeot 5008 'Video Pack' para todos

Questa monovolume interessante, già ben attrezzata tecnologicamente, ha messo su per l'editing video Pacco vendita, aumentando il divertimento e strutture ricreative con due schermi da sette pollici, due caschi Bluetooth, pre-installate apparecchiature video nella seconda fila di sedili e DVD Takara.

Oltre a questa disposizione, questa versione include anche tutto il necessario per una guida sicura e piacevole: airbag controllo / limitatore di velocità, laterali ea tendina, ESP, sensori di parcheggio posteriori, alzacristalli elettrici posteriori sequenziali, bi-zona climatizzatore automatico, sedile passeggero Tavolo pieghevole a forma di cottura fari e tergicristalli automatici, fari antinebbia, radio CD con MP3, volante multifunzione in pelle sterzo, le ruote in lega da 16 pulgads.

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