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Robotized manual gearbox

Surfing the web we found this press release

The acceptance of automatic gearboxes in our country is growing, but slowly. Despite the undoubted advantages of an automatic versus a manual, its use is still restricted and usually confined to mid-range cars high.

Perhaps by car culture issues (costs get out of the habit of changing it manually), the problems of reliability and maintenance cost automatic gearboxes had some decades ago, or the higher cost of mounting an automatic versus a manual ( something that we are particularly sensitive in this time of crisis), automatic switching off just not as quickly as expected.

Peugeot, a brand that has always offered and offers automatic changes to its range of cars, has announced its parallel bid for a similar technology: the manual gearbox piloted.

This box is a hybrid between an automatic and one manual. It is basically a six-speed manual gearbox mated to a system of electro-hydraulic steering, which avoids the clutch (in fact, have no clutch pedal, as in an automatic). Let's say the clutch system us automatically.

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