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Surfing the Web, we found this interesting article by the leading edge, which makes a brief analysis of the new Peugeot 5008.

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Renowned development specialists familiar concept vehicle, the French manufacturers are well aware of what the requirements are essential for creating a practical MPV, comfortable and equally satisfying to the driver and passengers. In the case of the Peugeot 5008, no doubt, that all the prerequisites.

Exemplary in breadth, visibility and interior lighting, with a total area of 5.77 m2 glass, which correspond to 1.70 m2 and 1.69 m2 windshield glass ceiling. Finishes, coatings and materials are welcome and very well presented and finished.

The equipment is generous in a matter of safety, comfort and multimedia, with devices like the Head-Up Display or Distance Alert, "a security system after the collision which measures the distance in time and not in meters to the vehicle ahead, . And how could it be otherwise, has a large cargo and passenger capacity. You can have seven seats as an option for 600 euros and payload volume with five seats varies between 579 and 679 liters, depending on how the seats are placed individual in the second row, which can slide horizontally to 13 cm. On the other hand, it is remarkable dynamic behavior, agile and comfortable, and their mechanics, especially diesel, high performance and moderate consumption.

But also the mark of the lion wanted to please the driver with an extra dose of relaxation and comfort at the wheel giving the top engines petrol and diesel with an automatic transmission with hydraulic torque converter and six optional relationships. Both the 1.6 THP 156 hp and the 2.0 HDI, which passed 150 to 163 hp with this box-equipped standard with a six-speed manual, like the 1.6 HDI diesel 110 hp. The latter already offered the possibility of mounting a change CMP (manual driven, with automatic controls for the clutch and gear selection), although the speed of operation and the sensations it offers has nothing to do.

With increasing power 13hp, two liters of diesel becomes the top choice and most suitable for most travelers as it offers greater driving pleasure and excellent performance: 190 km / h speed limit, 10 5 seconds in acceleration 0-100 and a torque of 340 Nm. These ensure an effective response in any riding conditions and fast enough to make overtaking and recovery with confidence. The average consumption is slightly higher than other competitors with similar characteristics, 6.9 liters per 100 km, but is justified by the above six relations automatic transmission.

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