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Call for review: Peugeot 307, 308, 407, 607, 807, 4007, 5008

Peugeot calls to review a huge amount of vehicles, most of them manufactured between 12/15/2006 and 31-03-2009. For the Peugeot 307 range from the affected VINs VF33CRHRH84860255 to VF33HRHRJ85155411; for 308, VIN VF34BRHF89S026897 VF34C9HZC55000273; for 407, VF36DRHRJ21579195 to VF36JRHRH9LO09117; for 607 of VF39URHRH92231153 to VF39URHRH9S025980; for 807 of VF3EBRHRH13326110 to VF3EBRHKH9Z008964, and for Expert in VF3XARHKH64016506 to VF3XSRHGH8Z001794.

Not just here Peugeot calls and also calls to review the model 5008, with VINs from VF30E5FV89S145027 to VF30E5FVAAS240340. The risk is from fire, as in the previous case, but for different reasons. In the 5008 water can leak into the engine Rear power window due to poor insulation. With the presence of moisture, could cause a short circuit and subsequent fire.

The reason for this revision is the vacuum pump, in some cases ("very rare", according to the manufacturer) the valve may have problems opening and reduced braking assistance, which could cause poor stopping the vehicle.

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