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The 5008 shows that you do not need a stamp cumbersome to provide habitability of up to 7 seats and a load capacity in its class record. And he applies his ingenuity to obtain a driving dynamics and safety of generating a high pleasure in the quality and effectiveness of tread.

The clearest example of reconciling the carrying capacity of large minivans with the natural dynamics and sedan appears effective in 5008, the best alternative to 7 seats, where the enthusiastic driver will be matched by the rigor that also the best means to achieve dynamism, driving position and feel.

That line of stylized 5008 remind high-speed trains is no accident. Your Searches aerodynamic design, giving an excellent drag coefficient of 0.29, suggests fluency, but fluency without sacrificing the main attribute of a minivan body: space.

The Peugeot 5008 not only brings centimeters in all directions, also feeling of space, often more important to create an environment where you get to spend much time in our lives. Large glass surfaces delve into this goal, to make great big, without the need of increasing body size would imply dynamic commitments and therefore safety.

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