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Frankfurt 2011: Peugeot

After wandering around the Frankfurt Motor Show last touches to dwell on the Peugeot stand, a small corner where the French brand has exposed virtually its entire catalog as well as another little something more interesting

Because of this we have seen the quality that emanates from its entire catalog can contrast the huge step forward that the guys have given the brand in terms of quality and design. As data, noting the presence of vehicles such as the RCZ Asphalt Edition, the RCZ of the cup or a magnificent and striking example of Peugeot's Le Mans Series.

Still, as expected, the most surprising has been the public display of vehicles like the 508 or the concept RXH HX1. On the 508 RXH, as we saw in his official presentation to the press this is a vehicle primarily an aesthetic characterized by very successful and a truly amazing level of technology for this class of vehicle.

Just more than a flashy exterior has joined an interior in which we have to stop at the used materials such as wood, aluminum, leather ... a show of extravagance that, coupled with the union of two separate blocks, diesel and electric, offers maximum output of 200 horsepower.

As data, tell you that, in principle, come to Spain as a limited edition full of extras and good equipment at a price of 46,950 euros.

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