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Peugeot plans to restructure its dealer network

Peugeot wants to adjust its sales network to market conditions in the battered car. The French group PSA brand has 160 dealers in Spain, of which 15% is in financial difficulties and five in bankruptcy.

In this situation, the sign of the lion is finalizing a restructuring plan in its fabric sales apply imminently. "The market does not provide for a profitable business model for dealers," he admitted yesterday, Antonio Gonzalez, deputy general director of Peugeot Spain.
"We are looking to adjust the dealer network to build a model that is profitable for them. It is a work in progress, although we have no definitive decision taken, "said Gonzalez.

This restructuring is necessary for the Gala brand, which has sold 45,207 cars through August, 28.5% less than in 2010 and places its sales expectations by 65,000 cars by the end of the year, 21.3% less. Adding commercial vehicle registrations, Peugeot expects to sell down 7% to 81,000 units.

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